9 breathtaking videos that have won drone awards

Drones are giving filmmakers the ability to capture footage live never before

Drone future cinema

The aerial photography industry is booming, but it isn’t just amateur film-makers reaping the rewards of the rise in drone technology. Professionals are, of course, making the most of more and more advanced camera drones. We thought we’d put together some of the best examples of professional aerial photography, many conveniently taken from the award winning lineup at this year’s New York City Drone Film Festival. Is this the future of cinema? You decide… Check out these videos from talented pilots that have won drone awards.

First up is this stunning short film, which was shot over the Alyeska ski resort in Alaska. Afterglow, from Sweetgrass Productions, has been hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made. Have a watch of the clip below and you’ll soon see why. Filmed at night with huge lights, custom LED ski suits and a drone or two, this is a display of high-class aerial cinematography.

It’s no wonder that this won the Extreme Sports and Best in Show award at this year’s NYC Drone Film Festival. This has a good place in the drone awards.