21 drone racing pics from life in the fast lane

Behold the wonderful world of drone racing. These drone racing pics will have you wondering what in the world you’re missing. What is drone racing? It’s a sport where pilots build and fly as fast as possible. The pilot will build his or her drone by carefully modifying it to fly face-ripping fast. Then they’ll take said drone and enter in contest to where they fly the drone through a course. The fast drone wins (without crashing, of course).

If you’re talking about FPV or the First Person View, then the pilot wears a pair of goggles with screens inside to actually make it feel like they are in the cockpit. So if you’re wondering why some of these images below are a bit strange (like guys staring off into the sky and sitting by themselves, well, then you understand that bit).

Drone racing is becoming a lot more mainstream than say, a year ago. Parts for drones are becoming cheaper and easier to access so pilots are creating some pretty amazing drones to showcase at contests. And pilots can make some serious dough for winning these races as well. More on that later, but we introduce you to 23 drone racing pics (and videos) that give you a true taste of life in the fast lane.

1. Crash and burn

drone racing pics
Instagram / @drone.racer

It’s one thing to crash during a drone race. It’s another to get a wicked shot of the drone crashing beautifully – that’s still in focus! Noice!

2. Hello, Clarice…

drone racing pics
Instagram / @introv6800

This pilot admits he’s a “pincher” (note fingers are on the toggles). No shame in his game, he’s been doing it for 25 years he says!

3. The future of sports and nightlife and robotics

drone racing pics
Instagram / @aerial_sports_league

Here’s a pretty great snap from a contest in San Francisco. Colors galore!

4. Clear for takeoff

drone racing pics
Instagram / @drone.racer

Drones are stacking up and taking off. Pilots are ready to take on the course.

5. GoPro has seen better days

drone racing pics
Instagram / @flyingbear.fpv

This pilot says some days he feels badly for his cameras. This is no exception. The good news is the GoPro is fine and working as intended. The outer lens? Not so much.

6. Gear for days

drone racing pics
Instagram / @droneracing

This pilot anxiously wonders “who’s ready to burn some packs this weekend!?”

7. The matrix is strong with this one

drone racing pics
Instagram / @maffa_fpv

This is Oli, a teammate of the photographer. Oli is in the matrix. 

8. Tempe’s temptation

FPV pilot @Tinywhoop (aka Jesse Perkins) got some sick coverage of this past weekend’s IDRA North American Cup West Qualifiers! Perkins finished in the top 16 and some of his teammates made it into the top 10! Nice work.

9. Small but mighty

drone racing pics
Instagram / @aerialmotionpictures

The pilot says ‘the amazing speed and aerobatics of our FPV drones is all thanks to these little beauties, who can transfer all their 1300mAh energy in less than 5 minutes.’

10. Saved by the tree

drone racing pics
Instagram / @lincefpv

This pilot said it was a crash landing, but everything survived. Thanks, tree. 

11. Super spazz

drone racing pics
Instagram / @ryantlx

This pilot is proud of his drone’s new frame, new motors, better battery. This thing screams in the sky and flies insane, he says.

12. Safety first, right?

drone racing pics
Instagram / @multigp

Take good care of the things you love. Where are you flying today?

13. Mean-looking racing drone

drone racing pics
Instagram / @hofpv

This looks like the military’s Apache helicopter’s cousin. 

14. Drop it like its hawt

Brand new Revo lipo batter that was sliced by a prop. Whoops.

15. Gone POSTal

drone racing pics
Instagram / @dunderchief

There is no respect for the course posts.

16. Buzzer to the rescue

Sometimes you have a bit of trouble on the course. But things look up if you have a friend like Buzzer.

17. Inside Area 51

drone racing pics
Instagram / @kev_fpv

This is out of Star Wars or Area 51 or some ish. Wicked.

18. Saturday flying

drone racing pics
Instagram / @holybrohobby

The team is ready for a little Saturday extravaganza.

19. The Thinker

drone racing pics
Instagram / @blueskydubs

This pilot is ‘Helping to spread the gospel of FPV’.

20. Think Different-like

drone racing pics
Instagram / @angelofpv

This pilot says it’s a very special kind of relationship. We’ll just agree.

21. Blast off!

Nothing like blowing through the stadium in Miami. Here is an up close and wicked look at life in the fast lane from Miami, Florida.

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