How to sell your drone

Thinking of selling your drone? Here are some options for you…

sell your drone

There’s no shortage of places you can get your hands on the latest drones, from electronics and consumer tech stores to directly from manufacturers’ websites. But how do you go about selling your drone? Where are the best places to sell your drone when you don’t need or use it anymore, and what are the best ways to arrange a sale?

Here are a few options for you.

Selling a drone on Ebay

Ebay is an established platform for people looking to sell and buy all sorts of things and is probably the internet’s biggest marketplace. As places to sell your drone go there aren’t many better than this. If you don’t have an account already, it doesn’t take long to create one. Then all you have to do is upload some images of your drone along with as much product and specification information as possible. You’re ready to go.

Your next step is to choose whether you want your drone to be sold via auction, Buy it Now, or both. The auction format allows you to create competition that boosts the eventual price of your drone. Buy it Now offers a set price that it can be bought for. Keen to get a lot of action on your listing? Consider starting an auction at the lowest possible value. That way it will easily be discovered by people browsing the drone category.

Top tips:

  • Provide as much information about your drone as possible. The last thing you want is for the eventual buyer to return the drone because of some superficial or mechanical fault they didn’t know about. Include plenty of pictures, especially if there is any damage – however minor – to your drone.
  • Selling a drone that’s worth a lot of money? If you want to make sure your drone sells for what it’s worth, consider putting a reserve on the listing. That way bids have to surpass your bottom limit in order to be accepted.

Sell your drone through Social Media

selling your drone? Try social media

There are plenty of social media platforms that can be used for selling your drone. Although none of these will take care of the transaction for you like Ebay does, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can all expose your drone to a limitless market of potential buyers.

Whether or not you’ve got a big following, tagging your post in the right way and encouraging friends to share it can put you one step closer to selling your drone. Using your personal networks also means that there’s a high chance the buyer will be someone that you or a friend can vouch for, which lowers your level of risk.

Top tips:

  • All Social Media platforms are to an extent riddled with spam and meaningless crap. What you need to do is post an appealing and genuine advert that bypasses all of this. Keep it simple and personal: an image(s) of the drone you are selling, your reason for selling, the price and your contact details. Then watch the offers come in!

Sell your Drone through a specialized Marketplace

The main problem with both Social Media and Ebay is that you won’t be targeting members of the drone community directly. You’re simply hoping that someone out there will be interested. Fortunately, there are a few websites out there exclusively dedicated to peer to peer drone sales between like-minded pilots. In theory, this should remove the confusion from the process, ensure that both buyers and sellers make informed decisions on price and generally keep things amicable.

Here are a few drone marketplaces you might want to check out if you’re selling your drone.


Flyhum is a drone marketplace where pilots can buy and sell used drones.

Flyhum is a relatively new drone marketplace that offers a community space for pilots to discuss topics in the industry and buy and sell drones and accessories from each other.

It’s simple to register. From there you just have to upload your drone’s information and place the advert right in front of people who are guaranteed to be interested. You can sell your drone in no time at all.

Drone Tradr

Drone Tradr is an established marketplace where pilots can buy and sell used drones. There is also a range of refurbished drones from leading manufacturers to choose from once you’ve made your money.


dronesflip sell your drone marketplace

Need a guaranteed place to sell your drone? Dronesflip is another marketplace where you can list your used drones for free. The site also has a number of reviews and guides for different models to help inspire your next purchase.

Top tips:

  • Users of drone marketplaces know their stuff. Don’t post an advert unless it’s complete with full specs and flight history.