13 huge drones that will blow your mind

Drones come in all shapes and sizes. And the longer we go, the crazier drones we start to see. Manufacturers are coming out with some incredible teeny tiny drones as well as some massive, heavy-load monsters that are blowing our minds. And it’s not just the manufacturers. We’re talking huge drones!

Those who custom-build their own drones have really started to carve out a niche in the drone community. Parts are easy to come by and really, a pilot is only limited by his or her imagination. While drone images are great to see from the sky, we wanted to get a perspective of some of the bigger drones capturing the great imagery. Enjoy these 13 huge drones that will blow your mind. Monsters on a mission…to capture the best of the best views available.

1. A monster in the mountain range

huge drones
Instagram / @roryhinds

A quiet hike, a babbling brook…a monster drone quietly (or somewhat loudly) capturing it all.

2. Comin’ in hot

huge drones
Instagram / @exploremoremedia

The gimbal is being put to the test on this bank shot.

3. Spiders in the night

huge drones
Instagram / @shotovercamera

If spiders were big and had arms, this would be their leader. Check out the serious arm support on this beast…and we can see why. The lens itself is a monster!

4. The touch, the feel of cotton (and a monster drone)

huge drones
Instagram / @shotfromabove

What a setup to shoot a quiet cotton field with an amazing sunset behind this big fella.

5. Gliding over the water

huge drones
Instagram / @copterkids

If you’re going to skim above the water for that beauty show with precious cargo on board, you better have the power to pull out of windy trouble! This beast has it covered.

6. Prepare for launch

huge drones
Instagram / @flyingstuff

Do you remember the television show Air Wolf? There’s something about this picture that conjures up that great show (and helicopter). Disregard the snow.

7. Loud and proud

huge drones
Instagram / @Korpiifilms

Great shot of a pilot showing off his hardware. Could be a company logo.

8. A wired wonder

huge drones
Instagram / @dronepros

The circuitry on this beast looks impressive. If you custom your own drones you know how intricate and tricky finding a place for all those connections can be – let alone making it all work.

9. Clear for takeoff

huge drones
Instagram / @dronepros

No problems flying on this wind-free day. The Canon is ready…as is the mother ship.

10. White-knuckle shoot

huge drones
Instagram / @aeriographer

You better have still hands while flying this beast. You better have REAL still hands while flying over thousands of dollars in sports cars (and a good insurance plan!).

11. Chopping through the trees

huge drones
Instagram / @copter24ru

Cool shot cutting through some pine trees. We bet it was some amazing footage.

12. Winter’s watchman

Instagram / @christianpfammatter
Instagram / @christianpfammatter

Keep the motors warm – this looks like a chilly shoot in a chilly desolate location. Great stuff.

13. Foggy footage

Instagram / @quadrocopter
Instagram / @quadrocopter

Tough to fly this big of a drone in the fog, but can you imagine the footage!? We’d LOVE to see what they captured on this foggy shoot.

Do you have huge drones in your hangar?

If so, we’d love to see some images of the beast(s)! Send us a link to some images of your best huge drone capture, or hashtag #FullDrone or mention @FullDrone on your social channels. We’re going to be spotlighting many more big drones so be a part of the action!