11 breathtaking baseball stadium images shot with drones

It’s America’s Favorite Past Time – baseball is among us once again. It’s the time of year you can smell it in the air – hot dogs, beer, cotton candy, the guy sitting next to you. You know the smells,  along with the sounds like the crack of the bat and the sights of fans going wild after a home run ball flies over left-center. These are all images we see from the stands. What we rarely see are the images above the stadium. Thanks to these breathtaking baseball stadium images shot with drones, we see much more than we’re use to ever seeing. And it’s pretty insane.

Now, we’re not condoning these types of shots – as we all know it’s against FAA rules to shoot above a stadium. So we assume that everyone who shot these following images had the proper clearance to do so. So enjoy the sweet sounds of the ballpark and before you go, prepare yourself with these baseball stadium images shot with drones that are sure to please.

1. Citi in the big City

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @fastmovemedia

Here’s a stunner of an aerial shot over Citi Field – home of the New York Mets in Queens, New York.

2. Pick a field, any field

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @fastmovemedia

Less of a stadium and more of a complex, the Illini like options like they have here at Alleghany Sports Park in Illinois. 

3. Almost time for the Mudhens

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @toledoaerialmedia

Toledo, Ohio is not only excited about the Mudhen’s new season, but the new stadium they describe as Hensville. Here’s to a winning season!

4. How Brave are you?

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @shutterpixstudio

Welcome to Turner Field – home of the Atlanta Braves. Great perspective of a hot field in Hotlanta.

5. Best seats in the house

Not a bad gig to get to shoot for the White Sox!

6. Open the hatch, let some sun in Miami

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @derrick_nevot

Marlins Park is one of the more spendy stadiums out there and that’s thanks to the removable rooftop. Most days are beautiful in the Magic City, but if it rains, no problem. We’ll see you inside

7. Roger, Dodger…great shot

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @aerialmayhem

The pilot says: “Hovering high above Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California where the Mets and Dodgers head back tomorrow night!” Beautiful capture as the field glows into the night. 

8. Magical Miami

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @miamidaedalus

Miami is a beautiful place to fly – so it’s fitting we added one more shot of Marlins Park.

9. A stadium for Giants

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @norcaldrones

San Francisco may have pilots burning their batteries above the Golden Gate Bridge, but don’t forget AT&T Stadium, home of the San Francisco Giants. Beautiful, waterfront property!

10. Coming up Aces

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @norcaldrones

If you head to Nevada, plan to spend some money and do a little gambling while passing through Las Vegas. We hope the aces fall in your favor, but if not, you can swing over to Reno for the Triple-A ball club The Reno Aces. In the background are some of the Reno casinos and the Sierra Nevadas behind them.

11. Go Cubs, Go!

baseball stadium images
Instagram / @itsbennington

If you’re a Cubs fan, sing along: Go, Cubs, Go! Go, Cubs, Go! Hey, Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today. They got the power, they got the speed…to be the best in the National League. Well this is the year and the Cubs are real, so come on down to Wrigley Field!

Have any great baseball stadium images shot with your drone?

We’d love to see your best baseball stadium images (legally shot, of course). Send them our way and we’ll credit you and include them in future posts. Hashtag #FullDrone or mention @FullDrone on your social networks and we’d love to see your work! Happy baseball season!