Commercial drones seeing surge in new ventures

New laws allow anyone to fly drones for commercial purposes

You have probably already seen drones flying in the sky but there are more uses to these unmanned aerial vehicles than meets the eye. While most see them as a toy to hobbyists, they can also be used by entrepreneurs.  A few regulations have been put in place since drones have started taking over the skies.

These new regulations have made it easier for drones to be operated for commercial use.  Part 107 now allows people who do not have a pilot’s license the ability to operate them commercially. In addition, Section 333 was removed, which previously required commercial operation.

Drones can be used for commercial purposes as long as the person operating it is within eyesight of the drone, does not go up more than 400 feet in the air, and weighs less than 55 pounds.

Up until now most drones have been used in video, photography and general surveillance.

There are many ways that drones can be used commercially.

Here are five that new pilots could consider:

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Commercial drones in agriculture

Farmers can save money by being about to find failing crops early and take inventory without having to use heavy machines. It can also be used to map and study the farm and irrigation to find problems.

Commercial drones in construction and architecture

Construction and architecture companies are also benefiting from drones. They are often used to take images and video of properties that will help in the planning and building process. This is cheaper than hiring someone else to take aerial shots. Drones can get everything they need in real time, which saves time and money.

Amazon Prime Air
Amazon Prime Air

Commercial drones in the delivery space

Delivery is also another commercial purpose, which you might have already heard of since the introduction of Amazon Prime Air.  While this kind of commercial use is in its infancy, in the near future there will be deliveries made this way with the expansion of technology.

Commercial drones for engineers

Engineers are also using these unmanned aerial vehicles to inspect pipelines, cables, and in maintenance. Engineers work on projects like planning airports, road construction as well as maintenance.

Commercial drones for conservation and environmental monitoring

Conservation and environmental monitoring are now also using drones to monitor things like crops and animals.  Using drones to do this kind of work is great because the areas won’t be disturbed, which is good for plants and animals.  They can monitor so many things with the drones like, population, migration, and habitats.

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While using helicopters is what is usually used at news stations, drones can now give them the coverage they need without all of the noise. Drones are great for commercial use. In the future, plan on seeing drones in the commercial space to increase dramatically.