Airbus works with a drone company to create a drone destroyer system

Airbus and Dedrone collaborate on security system to kill drones

Drone Destroyer

Airbus, the manufacturer of jetliners and Dedrone, a California startup company have teamed up to create a security system that will kill drones in the sky from miles away.  The system that they have created uses radar, cameras, directional scanners, and microphones to detect commercial drones up to seven miles away. Essentially they have created a drone destroyer.

Airbus used their jammer to disrupt the communications of the drones, while Dedrone helped make it more effective by using other features like cameras and radars.

If drones cause a problem, what is the solution?

Some would say drones have become a problem because they can interrupt quality of life by conducting surveillance without their knowledge. Criminals have also started to use drones to conduct illegal activities like smuggling, terrorist attacks, and espionage. The two companies collaborated on a security system that can detect drones when they are near and take them out before they can do any harm.

Source: Dedrone

As drone us gains popularity, the complaints have been coming in on both federal and state levels. Many non-drone users feel that drones are intrusive and even dangerous if they are flown in the wrong area. Commercial companies do use jammers to stop them but the Airbus and Dedrone system takes it one step further because jammers can only disable commercial drones.

Jamming signals is key to this new drone destroyer

When a drone is hit with one of these jammers, it can go two ways depending on how the emergency route is programmed. It can either land safely or return to the owner of the drone.  This drone destroyer is being developed to help in places like airports in an effort to keep everyone safe. Airbus and Dedrone are leading the market on drone security with their long range radar and jammer.

DroneTracker software from Dedrone / via Dedrone
DroneTracker software from Dedrone / via Dedrone

The collaboration of the two companies is definitely timely as drone creators are getting more creative. One teen on the east coast added a firearm to the drone. The video went viral as it was a concerning yet creative add-on.

While people might want to run out and a purchase this drone destroyer system, it is not available right now and the pricing for it has not been released. However, it can be assumed that the system will be limited in sales as it will probably be double the price of a standard drone. As with any new technology,  the price will drop and many companies or individuals will be able to get their hands on it.

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