Why all real estate agents need to use drone videos in their listings

Real Estate Drone Videos

Drone photography is a hot topic amongst real estate agents today. This is due to its ability to capture high-quality aerial photographs and videos of homes for sale. Drone technology plays a big role in the creation of compelling marketing that is sure to lure potential homebuyers to book more showings and ultimately lead to more sales.

Real estate agents are aware of the power of excellent photography and are enthusiastically adopting drone videos as a big part of their digital marketing campaigns. In fact, it is highly recommended for all real estate agents to use videos to ensure they are not missing out on potential leads.

Realtor did a study and the results were conclusive, that videos matter! Over 70% of homebuyers said they would prefer to list their property with a real estate agent who uses videos in their listings, but less than 5% of real estate agents are using videos.

The stats speak for themselves. Homebuyers are always yearning for more information about homes they are looking at online. Over 90% of homebuyers today begin their search online, so adding videos to listings is a great way to make it stand out. Remember, a home purchase is usually one of the most significant investments that people will make, so it’s important to show off the property to make it more enticing for the potential buyer.

Apart from revealing the essential features of the home, drones videos provide many benefits that ground photography cannot compete with. Aerial photos provide a better view of the neighborhood and property including the surrounding areas. They can capture the proximity of the home to public transportation such as train stations and bus stops as well as view local schools, parks, playgrounds and more. Aerial photography can really give you such an amazing perspective.

When it comes to the use of drone videos, the numbers don’t lie. Renowned real estate companies have conducted studies to establish the relationship between videos and the impact they have on the performance of properties in the market. Listings with videos on average receive 4 times more inquires than listings without videos! If you are selling a home, you need to include videos and drone videos are the perfect fit.

Before there were drones, aerial photography was usually filmed by aircraft, which was extremely expensive and normally reserved for high-end estates. The invention of drones affixed with 4K cameras has leveled the playing field and has made aerial photography affordable and easily accessible to everyone.  But taking compelling drone videos and photographs is not as simple as just purchasing a drone and filming. There is still a lot that goes into it. For example, you need a drone operator who is skilled and experienced in filming. A registration is required to fly a drone and it’s important to have insurance in case something goes wrong.

That’s where we come into play. We are DroneVideos.com, a nationwide media company specializing in aerial photography. We are dedicated to helping real estate agents and homebuyers maximize their listing’s potential by offering flat rate drone video pricing. Our team of professional drone operators are highly qualified and experienced to provide seamless videos and photos for all your real estate properties using state of the art stabilization and camera technology. Best of all, all of our drone operators are licensed with their Part107 from the FAA to fly commercially, have passed background checks and are fully insured.

Once our experts capture the best photos and videos, our editing team gets to work color correcting, editing, adding music and preparing your videos and photos for display. Once they are done being processed, we then present the final photos and video on an SEO Friendly webpage that you can add to your website, MLS, social media and more with a simple click of a button.

We made the ordering process simple, fast and affordable. Ordering using our online scheduling system takes less than 2 minutes. Just tell us the location, and we do the rest. You do not even need to be present during the shoot!

We take all of the guesswork out of ordering a high quality drone video, so much so that you will be shocked by how affordable, and how amazing the final product is. On top of that, our turn around time is only 48 hours and all of our drone packages come with a 100% money back guarantee. To learn more about our drone services and to view samples, visit: https://DroneVideos.com