Will this golf course drone replace ‘the cart girl’?

You may never have to wait for a drink on the course again

golf course drone

If you’re a golfer, you’ve been there. You’re dying of thirst or hunger. It’s hot. You need sustenance. You’re just hoping the ‘cart girl’ is going to be coming around the bend any minute. But she’s not. And she won’t. Most likely she’s on the far end of the golf course serving up frosty beers to the guys who teed off hours earlier. You’re stuck in limbo. What. Do. You. Do.? Enter the golf course drone.

Well, you may be in luck if ACSL or Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory has anything to do with it. They are going to be testing a new golf course drone that will deliver food, drinks and anything else you may need in and around the golf course in Japan (yes, sorry it’s only currently testing in Japan).

With a simple button press from an Android app, you can place and order and within minutes you’ll hear the faint hum of the golf course drone that will carefully deliver your package as you prepare to tee off on #13.

Rip a hole in your golf glove? No problem. Need a few more beers? Check.  Tired of using fractured tees from previous players? Order a bag of freshies.

golf course drone

So is the golf course drone really a good idea?

Idea of gold? Or a horrible disaster of a plan?! We want to know what you think. Leave us your comments below.

And shhhhh. Golf is a quiet game. With the buzz of a drone royally screw that up? All we can do continue to wait…for that beer that may never show up.