Copter Bill: How to travel with a drone

From passports, insurance and LIPOs, we’ve got you covered

travel with a drone

The nice thing about a UAV, quadcopters, drones, etc. is you can generally take them anywhere and capture virtually any corner of this beautiful earth. The problem is, you have to get your drone safely to that corner of the earth. It’s not always an easy transaction when you travel with a drone. Perhaps you’ve tried and made one or two small mistakes. Or perhaps you’ve made a big mistake and damaged your drone or lost it entirely! It all comes down to preparation. And that’s why Copter Bill is here today to talk to you about how to travel with a drone – the right way.

travel with a drone
Prepare to be checked at the airport. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t. Image: @mplsfilm, Instagram

Travel with a drone: tips and tricks

Copter Bill of Yellow Bird Aerial has traveled to dozens of countries and knows what pitfalls to watch out for when you want to travel with your drone. Taking into consideration your passport is an important one. Why should you have two? He’ll tell you. And what about insurance? How do airlines handle damage when it comes to drones getting tossed around in baggage. Should you ever check your drone? What about your LIPO batteries (hint… NEVER!).

We hope you travel the world and capture amazing video and images of the world with your drone – no matter what you fly. But before your next trip just remember what Copter Bill says in order to travel with a drone safely, securely and without major headaches!

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