What are the best types of drones for kids?

Is it a good idea to get a drone for kids?

Should I buy my kid a drone?

Ah, the big questions that must have been on many parents’ lips in the run-up to the holidays: Are drones suitable for children? And what are the best types of drones for kids? Today we’re going to answer those with some cold hard facts.

Consumer drones were sold in record numbers last Christmas, so it’s safe to say that somewhere, some kid became a pilot overnight. But what if you didn’t fall into the pre-holiday hype and decided to wait it out? It’s never too late to get your kid a drone, but is it ever too early? How much should you be thinking to spend? And what are the benefits of introducing children to the technology of the future?

Are drones too dangerous for kids?

Drones are not inherently dangerous. Sure, they have fast spinning propellers that are going to hurt if you come into contact with them, but the fact of the matter is that pilots are dangerous, not drones. Reckless flying can lead to injury, just as recklessly swinging a golf club around can lead to injury.

What are the best drones for kids?
We wouldn’t reccomend anything too heavy duty (Image: @DJIGlobal)

Providing your child understands the dangers and responsibilities that come with being a pilot, everything should be fine. And of course, bear in mind that you’re not going to go out and get your kid a beastly $4,000 DJI Matrice 600. It’s far more likely that you’ll be looking at the opposite end of the spectrum – at least that’s what we’d recommend for smaller, beginner pilots.

Clearly, a certain level of maturity is required to take on the more complex drones and sophisticated models, but there is a whole range of drones for kids that have been designed to be child-friendly. Some of them don’t even fly, so offer a great introduction to the world of drones. Let’s get this straight: Top of the range drones are not toys and should be handled with care. It’s up to you to decide if your kid is ready for that.

Drones for kids: your children will be better pilots than you

Do you struggle with video games, spend hours trying to change the channel or get confused by all the buttons on your cell phone? Your kid won’t. Your kid is a digital native and picks up these things a whole lot quicker than you could ever dream of. For that reason, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your kid will be a better pilot than you, given the chance.

Mastering the latest technology is second nature to kids who are lucky enough to have grown up in the nineties and noughties, so why not let your child get started in the world of drones. Maybe they’ll get into fpv racing and ride the wave of a sport that’s destined to hit the mainstream, or maybe they’ll develop strong enough skills to fly professionally for commercial purposes.

Drones for kids: drones are the future

There are so many industries being transformed by drones right now. From agriculture to construction, photography, real estate and search and rescue. Drones will soon be commonplace in our skies as their benefits become clearer and regulations are eased.

Drones are revolutionizing industries such as agriculture. @precisionhawk / Instagram

Do you ever think back to your childhood and wish that your parents had pushed you harder, that they’d made you learn another language or taken you to training or helped you become the best at something? Well, luckily you’re in the position to help your kid gain valuable skills that with a hobby that’s both fun and great to learn.

The drone racing industry is another on the rise, and there’s money to be made if you’re good with your thumbs. Look no further than Luke Bannister, the 15-year-old from England who led a team to a $250,000 prize at the World Drone Prix in Dubai. Not bad at all!

Drones for kids: do your kids need to get out more?

These days most kids tend to spend a lot of time in front of screens, whether it’s an iPad, a Playstation or just watching TV. Entertainment is now limitless and on-demand in a way that it never used to be. While all this technology is convenient and there whenever you need it, it does little to bring out the creativity in your kid and certainly doesn’t promote good health and well-being.

Should I buy my kid a drone? are drones suitable for children
Drones can make the great outdoors a whole lot more appealing.

Drones represent the perfect middle ground. On the one hand, they are gadgets that represent the latest in technology, but on the other, they require you to spend time outside and move around a bit. Even a cheap drone can be enough to inspire hours outside, providing you’ve got enough spare batteries!

Drones for kids: let their creativity soar with drones

Flying a drone isn’t just about flying a drone. The whole process can be much more creative than that. Maybe your child fancies themselves as a photographer. Aerial photography is the perfect introduction, and any footage captured can easily be edited and shared with friends and family.

There are also plenty of other ways kids can get creative with drones, whether that’s attaching them to paint brushes and painting a masterpiece or strapping on some LEDs for your very own light show. We hope you enjoyed insight on types of drones for kids. We’d love to hear your comments on what you recommend below.