Proof you don’t need an expensive drone to capture the best video

Expensive drone? Nope!

It’s easy to get jealous of all these amazing shots captured with $15,000 drones. You may be thinking, I need to invest part of my arm and most of my leg to get a drone worthy enough to capture something decent to show people. You don’t need an expensive drone to make things happen.

Or maybe you’re of the camp who says your drone simply isn’t good enough. Perhaps you think it’s at it’s absolute max when it comes to specs and you simply can not capture the money shot.


Well Kalle Ljung is here to prove that you’re really being a bit idiotic. Sorry, but he is. And it comes to us in the form of his presentation of Antarctica.

Watch the production. There will be a test. Tell us what you think he shot it on (answer is below). Don’t cheat.

Kalle Ljung shot this video on DJI’s Phantom 2. Not Phantom 2 Vision Plus. A Phantom 2 with a GoPro.

Mr. Ljung was recently interviewed by Wired:

He used a 3-axis H3-3D gimbal to create the glorious footage and had a monitor attached to his controller that showed a live view from the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition. The monitor helped with control, but it was still difficult to capture certain shots—like when he flew the drone through the opening in the iceberg. “I could see what I was filming, but you never get much depth on the monitor so it was hard to know exactly where I was,” he says.

That can be terrifying. Once your line of site is gone and you’re flying from your screen, you really have to trust your ability!


So there you have it, a simple drone can get you amazing results as long as you take things like light, speed, color and flying ability into consideration. Granted, this was edited beautifully and the music he selected was spot on. But getting the video is the first battle. Once you’ve captured amazing video, the rest is just a cherry on top!

Let us know what you do to capture the very best footage and why you think you don’t need an expensive drone to catch amazing video. Anxious to hear what pilots have to say about this topic.