Unfolding the wings: The Prodrone BYRD review

A ‘foldable’ drone that maximizes travel space

If you’re a drone pilot who struggles to travel with a drone – we totally get it. Checking a drone is downright frightening. You face the possibility that the drone gets banged up after the case is tossed around baggage carts. That can lead to cracked frames, broken props and even damaged gimbals (we once had a Phantom 2 Vision Plus gimbal snap off (wire included!). It’s not a good feeling. Worse, you may never see your drone again by checking it on a flight.

Then there’s packing your drone in a carry-on. That is an option but you may have found that cases prove to be bulky. Perhaps they barely fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. Given the cramped quarters of a flight you still face the possibility of damaging the drone.

Prodrone Byrd folded up / Carolina Dronz
Prodrone Byrd folded up / Carolina Dronz

Introducing a solution – the Prodrone BYRD, a ‘foldable’ drone that nearly doubles in size when you prepare it for flight. The following is a Prodrone BYRD review.

Stretching the wings: A Prodrone BYRD review

Watch as ‘Copter Bill’ Welch gets his hands on a new Prodrone BYRD and shows how compact it really can be. Bill is an avid traveler and tries to bring his drones with him wherever he goes – so a drone that can handle the demands of travel without breaking is very important.

Also, we welcome Bill as a contributor to FullDrone.com and look forward to his future posts!

The Prodrone BYRD Specs

  • Three models: Standard, Advanced and Premium (Bill tested the Standard version)
  • Body: Folds down to 273 × 223 × 107 mm
  • Weight: 1,890 grams
  • Flight Time: 25-minutes
  • Camera: 1080p, 16 megapixel
  • Connection: 2.4G Wi-Fi HD video downlink
  • Distance: Transmits up to .62 miles
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Special thanks to Carolina Dronz for letting Bill test out the new Prodrone BYRD.

Prodrone BYRD review
Prodrone Byrd / Bill Welch

What do you think about the new Prodrone BYRD?

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