18 wild drone wildlife shots

Animals in the wild are something to behold. It’s one thing to get a great shot of wildlife in captivity, but to spot a creature in it’s natural habitat and not disturb them? As you’ll see, it’s quite breathtaking. These animals range from living room pets to the great African safaris.

But no matter the area, animals are always fun to photograph because you’ll never get what you expect. The slightest move, direct eye contact or sudden change in direction all make for some world-class photos.

We’re sure you’ll love these wild drone wildlife shots. Planned or not, here they come!

1. A dangerous proposition

drone wildlife
Instagram / @skytiltfilms!

If there’s any time you don’t want the batteries to crap out on you….it’s now.

2. Big fella on the safari

drone wildlife
Instagram / @christian_ghammachi

An amazing shot of an elephant that almost looks fake! A great drone wildlife shot!

3. Using the term ‘wild’ very loosely

drone wildlife
Instagram / @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher

But you have to give props to this dog for using it’s ‘ups’ to get back at the Inspire 1!

4. The bear essentials

drone wildlife
Instagram / @Vasiliy Rusin

A brilliant and peaceful capture of bears in their native habitat.

5. Incommmmmming!

drone wildlife
Instagram / @eyedrone.it

This seagull has no idea what’s going on or what the drone is flying in its airspace! Not sure how this one ends.

6. Time for a bath (in some dirty water)

drone wildlife
Instagram / @karimiliya

The elephants are bathing in what seems to be a pretty dirty river, but the contrast of color captured by this pilot is priceless.

7. Gather round’ now kids

drone wildlife
Instagram / @dimabalakirev

The sheep are up in arms! That or it’s just time to get organized for dinner.

8. Up in the jet stream

drone wildlife
Instagram / @helifoto.ch

We often forget that drones not only catch great images on the ground, but there’s a great deal of airspace between the drone and the ground for great things like this to happen.

9. Too close for comfort

drone wildlife
Instagram / @drone_world

This is a legendary drone capture of a hawk competing with a drone for airspace. Remarkable shot indeed.

10. Down on the farm

drone wildlife
Instagram / @stevie_stagram

The cows pretty much sum up what they think of the drone parked on their pasture.

11. Parade of giraffes

drone wildlife
Instagram / @miamiskyvideo

Remarkable animals running in a safari (hopefully not running from the drone!)

12. Pod of dolphins enjoying the sunshine

drone wildlife
Instagram / @tommyiff & @airprints

This great big family pod of dolphins is captured while taking in some sun and a nice swim past the pilot.

13. A little race

drone wildlife
Instagram / @tim_steiny

The race is on for these big fellas!

14. A room with a view

drone wildlife
Instagram / @droneofficial

Who ever said cows don’t live the good life. Take one look at this view and you’ll be jealous you’re stuck in an office chair and these cows are living the good life.

15. Get em, Fido!

drone wildlife
Instagram / @jorgeignacio79

Timing is everything and you can say this pilot has perfect timing. Not sure how this shot of the dog and drone ends, but this is about as close as you can get to taunting a dog with your drone.

16. Good spot to set up shop

drone wildlife
Instagram / @maxseigal

This turtle found the right spot to dig in and call it a day.

17. It’s a dolphin’s life

drone wildlife
Instagram / @coreybaudinette

This is a beautiful shot of a solo dolphin playfully diving through crystal clear waters. What a life.

18. Corralling the goats

drone wildlife
Instagram / @wallacedelgado

Interesting perspective of a cowboy hard a work corralling a big group of his goats.