Copter Bill: Traveling with the Camera Vault drone case

If you decide to check your drone, the Camera Vault is a nice option

Camera Vault Drone Case

We’re going to continue our series on traveling with a drone. If you like to take your drone around the world when you travel, you may have asked yourself “How will I get my drone there safely?!” Copter Bill told us about some tips when it comes to traveling with a drone. Today we want to focus on a case that can help you get your drone where it needs to go without any bad surprises when you get there!

If you pack your drone improperly, you WILL have issues. And if you use a case that is not suitable for your drone, you’ll have issues as well. Baggage handlers can be very rough on luggage. So if you choose to check your drone, ensure you have a case that has a custom cut insert so your drone fits perfectly (or you’ll regret it!).

Camera Vault drone case
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Now that you have all your gear laid out and ready for travel, what do you put it in? And how do you properly transport it on the plane to your final destination? You have many options. But today we’re focusing on the Camera Vault drone case.

The Camera Vault drone case

The Camera Vault drone case comes with the custom insert of your choice and depending on what drone you fly. The company makes camera and drone cases for DJI, Yuneec, 3DR, GoPro, Canon, ProDrone, Nikon and more.

Here are a few of the options Camera Vault has for the Inspire, ProDrone (GDU) and a battery transport option.

Camera Vault Drone Cases
The Camera Vault offers up various case inserts depending on your drone. (Source: Camera Vault)

Traveling with the Camera Vault drone case

Lets turn it over to Copter Bill who is currently in the middle of an adventure and at the Tampa International Airport to breakdown the benefits of traveling with the Camera Vault as well as a carry on option for his GDU Byrd.

Give the Camera Vault drone case a try

Here are several options offered by Camera Vault. If you already own a Camera Vault case, we’d like to hear how you like it. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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