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Our loss is your gain

Phantom 2 Vision+ Camera and Gimbal Parts

Sometime traveling is for the birds. We took a trip quite long ago (few years ago) and put our shiny, new Phantom 2 Vision+ into a case and checked the drone. Yes, checked it. Not the brightest move. So now we have Phantom 2 Vision+ Camera and Gimbal parts up for grabs.

Mind you, these were the days when drone cases were in their infancy. The certain model we purchased claimed to ‘rough and tough’…but in the end, it was far from it.

We checked the drone and when we arrived to our location, we picked up the case from the baggage claim and went on our very way. But before leaving the airport, we thought we better take a look at the drone. Something told us something wasn’t right.

Phantom 2 Vision+ Camera and Gimbal Parts

Open the case. WHAT! The camera was DANGLING by a thread…er, cord. It had popped from its setting and the flat wire was the only thing holding it on.

When we arrived at our location, we tested the flight. We clicked the camera back on the frame and hoped for the best. There was a lot of convulsing going on with the gimbal. The drone flew fine – but the camera clearly had issues on the gimbal and needed calibration. We didn’t know how to fix it. So instead, we just said there will be no flying on this short trip. Sigh.

Phantom 2 Vision+ Camera and Gimbal Parts

So on the way back thinking NOTHING could be worse than when we got there, we checked the drone and went on our way. When we arrived back home, we opened the case. WHAT! The camera had now DETACHED from the cord and was sitting in the bottom of the case. Now it was really going to be tough to fix. So thanks to the Drone Nerds, we purchased a new Camera and Gimbal and they fixed up the drone so we were back in business.

Phantom 2 Vision+ Camera and Gimbal Parts

So what we’re left is broken camera and gimbal – that we feel strongly works just fine if someone out there needs some parts or knows how to fix it. However we can’t be sure. It’s been in a box for awhile. But a new ribbon cable and some talent may have your ol’ Phantom 2 Vision+ working like a dream.

But if you love to tinker with drones and would like a backup camera and gimbal for your Phantom 2 Vision+ – please contact us and make an offer. We’ll start the bidding at $20.00! Shipping will be flat $10.00 (US) – we can calculate International if interested. Sale is final. There were very few flights on this camera (my guess would be less than 10).


UPDATE: This has been sold. Thanks.

Keep in mind, these brand new hover in the  $400-$600 (one example is here at B&H for $679.00)

Any questions, just drop a line.

Moral of the story – don’t check your drone with a shi*ty case (or at all for that matter!).