Pilot makes miraculous drone recovery after tree crash

Dude’s got ice in his veins

drone recovery

Threre’s something about getting into your first drone crash. Do you remember yours? It’s not a nice feeling. Because most likely, after the sheer terror and sinking heart feeling overcomes you and starts to shut down your motor skills, you realize you still have to pilot a doomed flight.

But then there are pilots who have ice in their veins. They are a select few who see trouble in the crosshairs, and somewhat enter a Matrix-like state of mind that gets them into a wash of pure concentration and confidence. This allows them to avert disaster and escape harm unscathed.

Or is just all BS and they’re lucky?

Check out this pilot who is clearly setting himself (or herself) up for a beautiful shot of some waterfalls when, while sliding gracefully across the scene misjudges a tree. The tree straight up consumes the drone. It tosses, turns and then magically pukes the drone out into the fresh, waterfall-air of the original, serene scene.

Ice in the veins or one, lucky bastard. Either way, he’s @AllTheWayUp!

Bravo, friend. Bravo.

Drone Escapes DeathJzuz… close call.

No matter. Still #AllTheWayUp

Watch more vids: https://www.youtube.com/globaldegreetv

Posted by Global Degree on Sunday, September 4, 2016

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