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7 best drone kits you wish you had

If you’re a drone pilot, you know how important your gear is to you. For one, you have to be prepared. Whether you fly just for fun, or for getting the best shots for a paying customer, it’s important that your gear is organized, functioning, clean and ready to go. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to fly and finding out you’re out of battery juice! Do you have one of the best drone kits out there?

In preparing for shoots, many pilots like to lay out their gear and even stage them for great model shots! So below, we collected some of the best drone kits out there today, all neatly organized in a square for others to admire and even learn from.

Enjoy some of the following best drone kits you wish you had and feel free to send us your best ‘organized’ snap of your gear and workflow. We’d love to see them!

1. Serious setup from Russia

best drone kits
Instagram / @dimabalakirev

Our Russian language skills need a lot of work, but his amazing gear collection from @dimabalakirev is a doozie! Clearly a fan of Nikon and the DJI Inspire 1 – and lets not forget Apple products, this shot is in preparation for an upcoming shoot and Dmitry Balakirev has this to say about the gear: Решил сделать фотографию кучи техники, которую приходится таскать в своих поездках, чтобы делиться с вами интересным контентом”. We say in English….Way to go!

2. Wingspan is the name of the game

best drone kits
Instagram / @ExploreMoreMedia

The gear in this shot required some serious floor board space. This amazing collection is property of @ExploreMoreMedia. This pilot shoots from Edinburgh currently and has this to say: This is it folks! All packed up and ready to head North for over a month of filming brand new edits, landscapes and aerial reels.”

3. Inspire(d) with some great drone gear

best drone kits
Instagram / @m.kulio

The DJI Inspire 1 has changed the game for a lot of drone pilots looking to capture beautiful videos – many times for clients – and expect top quality video when they get back to the editing booth. Take Mikul Eriksson (@m.kulio) who snapped this great shot of his gear. Mikul’s Instagram profile says he’s a Director of Photography in the San Francisco area. Based on his gear, he’s got some great toys! He says: “Prepping all the toys for a 3 day shoot.” We hope it was a good one!

4. Ready in the air and on the ground

best drone kits
Instagram / @alfredorebaza

The one thing we can tell Alfredo Rebaza (@alfredorebaza) hates is running out of battery power. Here is a neat shot of his gear in preparations for an upcoming shoot. He says: Listos en el aire y en el suelo; preparando equipo para partir a nuevo destino.” This is a great kit and it even has the bag to boot. Great stuff, Alfredo!

5. Getting ready for a shoot in Brazil

best drone kits
Instagram / @hawkfilmsbrasil

Hawk Films in Brazil (@hawkfilmsbrasil) is getting primed for a big shoot – and it’s evident by the gear they have laid out and ready to pack. You can see just how massive the S900 is compared to the Phantom. But they also come ready with the Canon DSLR with lenses and even a little dolly. Looks like it will be a fun shoot! Thanks for posting this great shot.

6. Taking the gear up HIGH

best drone kits
Instagram / @highdrone_bristol

High Drone Bristol is a UK aerial film and photography shop (@highdrone_bristol) who really loves the gear, that’s evident! With two macbooks and an Inspire 1 and a Phantom (and plenty of batteries), High Drone is ready for anything when it comes to shooting. Good luck on the new project!

7. The Nerds are back at it again

best drone kits
Instagram / @AndrewAdams

There’s a lot to digest in this image from Andrew Adams (@AndrewAdams) who states: Here is some of the camera gear we have been shooting with the past few months. Huge shoutout to@dronenerds for always hooking it up with the latest DJI gear. Give them a look at” And we can attest to the quality of the Drone Nerds. We crashed a Phantom 2 Vision+ one day and they put a new camera on the old beast. For that, we’re thankful.

Think you have one of the best drone gear shots?

Got a great drone gear shot you’d like to share with us? Email us or post the image on Instagram and hashtag #FullDrone or mention us at @FullDrone and we’ll be happy to give it a look! Keep the great content coming!

This is just an example of a gallery you’ll be receiving. Please check out more here!