12 beautiful drone images of roads

Lines of beauty from the air

Who says roads are boring? When you’re driving them, perhaps they can be. When you see them from the sky with a drone, you see more than just a road. You see that road become a line in the blueprint of the surrounding earth and many times, it can be very impressive. How about some drone images of roads?

Road shots taken with a drone turned out to be one of the more surprising images that remain very popular among drone fans. So simple, but yet so complex once you see what that road means to the person viewing it. We travel these roads each and every day. We gloss over at the miles that pass us, but thanks to drones, we stop and appreciate how beautiful a straight line can be just going from point A to point B. Enjoy these 12 beautiful drone images of roads.

1. Don’t think too much, do what makes you happy


We couldn’t have said it better. Not only did Daniel Novic (@dan_novic) catch a straight, strong road in this drone shot, but take a look at the blending colors. It’s not easy to get this many colors in one shot. From sandy fields, to grass to asphalt and dirt and railroad tracks, he captured it all with his drone. This is a beautiful image of a straight road shot taken with a drone that does not disappoint!

2. Where’s Fouad?

drone images of roads
Instagram / @opticperspective

Colors are so important in capturing an amazing shot of something so simple as a road. And we say that Fouad Jreige (@opticperspective) succeeded wonderfully with this holiday snap. He writes: Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all are having a good one! Now try to find me in this picture!” We think we see a speck of a human below. Regardless, the greens and browns in this shot are stunning. So simple and so amazing. Great job.

3. Follow the leader

drone images of roads
Instagram / @andrewadams

You don’t see this every day! Andrew Adams (@andrewadams) captured this amazing shot of a wiggly road in San Francisco. He writes: Lombard Street in San Francisco from the eyes of the DJI Inspire 1″. Yes, SF has some crazy roads, but to see them with cars meandering their way through a beautiful neighborhood makes it look that much more magical. Great job by Mr. Adams!

4. Nature’s connector

Instagram / @opticperspective

Okay, so this isn’t technically a road – it’s a bridge, but hey, it’s an awesome shot compliments of Fouad Jreige (on Instagram as @opticperspective). This is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Lynn Canyon Park officially opened to the public in 1912 and has been a popular destination among tourists and local residents ever since.And clearly, it’s a great place for some wicked perspective of the suspension bridge. Great shot, Fouad!

5. Pray for snow, fam!

Instagram / @landforce

Colin Landforce (@landforce) clearly likes winter because he commented on this amazing photo he snapped of the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon: “Pray for snow, fam!”. I’d say he got his wish. Great shot of snow in the trees on a sweeping, wintry road on the way home for the holidays (we suspect). Great to think about the aerial views while driving through this winter wonderland.

6. Get the hell out of Dodge

Instagram / @idroneau

This beautiful shot was taken by Greg Dunstan and posted by @idroneau. It’s a fantastic, warm perspective of a road…albeit a very straight road, out of some certain place. We don’t know exactly where, when or why. It just reminds us of a change to ‘get the hell out of Dodge’. So get on the road and go. Don’t stop. Great shot.

7. The Perfect Road

Instagram / @airpixels

Some people actually seek out the perfect drone road shots. Take @airpixels for instance who says on Instagram of this amazing capture: Been looking for that perfect road for quite some time now. And today im starting to get the results ive been looking for.” Well, we agree. The white lines against the solid greens of the forest really help the road pop! It’s amazing how looking for something as simple as the ‘perfect road’ can be such a challenge, but can look so good when it’s uncovered.

8. Makin’ it pop on this drive

Instagram / @saketekilla

High-contrast, colored images really look great. And when you find a simple road and some trees to help make the color explode? Even better. Take this great shot from Klaus Leidorf. Posted by @saketekilla, the image is an shout-out to Mr. Leidorf and his great work. Simply stated: “Magníficas fotografías aéreas por el artista Klaus Leidorf. We say, bravo!

9. High winds, no problems

Instagram / @maxseigal

Sometimes you just know a good shot from the ground when you feel it. Such was the case from @maxseigal. He says: Beautiful drive to the mountains this weekend, couldn’t resist a quick pull over to take the drone for a spin! My DJI Inspire 1 flew amazingly well at 12,000 feet in -6 degree weather with high winds!” Not sure why they created his curve in the road, but hey, makes for a great drone shot.

10. Built Ford Tough

Instagram / @aerial.edge

Roads don’t have to be straight to look good, in fact, when they’re winding through some crazy trees it can really be an award-winning shot. This capture was so good, Ford even used it in an ad! We thought at first Ford had it’s own drone and captured this image themselves, but one of our readers corrected us to let us know it was captured by @aerial.edge. We agree that it’s a great shot and just further confirms as to what Ford says about it: “A road trip is always a good idea.”

11. Situational Awareness

Instagram / @mssdeleon

Simple and stunning. That’s how we sum up this capture from @mssdeleon who says: “It’s all about Situational Awareness”. Be simple. Stay aware. Be awesome. Great shot.

12. Winding through the vines of wine

Instagram / @drewkass

When you’re in Wine Country, don’t forget to take in the sights. There’s enough wine for days…but rarely do you get to enjoy the beauty of places like Sonoma from the skies. This great shot from @drewkass captures exactly that. Beautiful vines, delicious wines.

Have you or someone you know captured an amazing road with a drone?

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